“Little Angels” giving clues in Escape Rooms?

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Escape Room Features

I believe that most people in Taiwan will be pretty familiar with escape rooms, but do you know that there are many different game rooms all around the world, with many different characteristics. Now, I’m not talking about their theme, mechanisms or puzzles, but the way they give their clues and lifelines.

Verbal Clues

Some game rooms like to give players one or even a few portable walkie-talkies. When the appropriate channel is adjusted, you can directly talk to the front desk. When you encounter any problems during the escape process, you can press the button to communicate directly at any time. This method saves time by directly putting you through to the staff.

Action Prompts

I’ve been to some escape rooms where you have to face the camera and dance with all your teammates for about ten seconds. You need to use this method to inform the front desk staff that you need assistance, and then they will enter the room to assist you. In this way, I think the atmosphere is also very good, because when everyone has mental hiccups and lacks inspiration, they can jump together like crazy and get the blood flowing.

Personal Helper

There’s a term in Taiwan known as “Little Angels”, in which, they arrange some employees to enter the room with the player. During the entire escape process, which means they are “always with you” for 60 minutes or however long the game duration is. You can turn your head and ask questions every time you encounter a problem. I personally don’t like this method very much. I wanted to do the escape game with my friends and to solve the puzzles, trigger the mechanisms, find out the exit with our own group, so when a third party is present, it will make the situation a little awkward. For example, we are currently training in a company or a team and. If there are some “overly-enthusiastic” little angels who follow us, and provide the answer directly, then how do we gauge our teamwork? How to find out the strengths and weaknesses between the teams? If there is a sweet couple playing then then it might be a bit embarrassing to ask questions or be around an extra person in the room. It might be a culture difference, but the locals in Taiwan love this type of service and is very well received.

Unless this is a child or parent-child catered experience, I feel that it is unnecessary to arrange for personal helpers to enter the room unless absolutely necessary or at least give the players multiple options in how they want to receive their lifelines. The most important thing is to let the players have fun because that is the real essence of an escape game experience.

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