In addition to letting teammates solve puzzles through the LOST game, we have created a role-playing deduction game. Players will take on the role of their characters in the script and start investigating other players in order to solve a mystery or hide the truth. On the one hand, we must look for clues in the room to solve the riddle, on the other hand, we must dig out evidence and find the truth about other players. In the course of the game, different characters need to communicate with each other in order to find out who is the real mastermind. The ending is often unexpected. It is a very brain-stimulating intellectual exercise, and it is also a great social event that is very suitable for everyone to play.

LOST 遊戲除了讓隊友共同解謎闖關之外,我們更加創造了角色扮演推理遊戲,玩家會演繹劇本中的角色,圍繞劇本中案件展開推理,還原人物關係,一方面要在密室當中尋找線索拆解謎題,另一方面也要挖掘證據,尋找真相。在遊戲過程當中不同的角色需要互相推理誰是真正的主謀,結局往往意想不到,是一種非常之燒腦的智力運動,也是一種非常適合大夥兒遊玩的社交遊戲。