LOST & Found

LOST games can add a lot of joy to your party. Our games are both challenging and interesting. It can strengthen communication and cooperation between everyone. From a puzzle solving to activating mechanisms, it requires everyone to co-operate with each other and use their strengths to complete tasks. LOST Mini Game can be used anywhere, whether it it be birthday parties, anniversaries, school events, or wedding games.

At the birthday party, you can give the birthday person a special surprise. You can also make special arrangements to suit your special occasion. The possibilities are endless, and only limited to your imagination! Time for your mini games from 20 to 60 minutes. Annual events for your company, can involve all the bosses and employees to have a great time. Everyone can play together and increase loyalty. Companies can use our games as a way to distribute and teach information in a fun and engaging way, breaking away from the usual boring classroom style workshops.

In terms of school activities, we have assisted local and international schools to turn their classrooms into escape rooms, adding STEAM elements to enrich the learning experience, use creative puzzles to nurture critical thinking and increase their interest in education. For wedding games, wether it Chinese wedding door games or a game corner at your banquet, you can also use LOST Mini Game and everyone will have a brand new experience normally not seen at weddings. If you are interested, please contact our staff for details.

Perhaps some people may feel lost in life, such as study, career, family, personal goals and direction.

In our well-designed escape games, LOST is committed to help people in need, especially children and young people, so that they can find the right direction by experiencing LOST. Some of them may complain about the lack of talents, opportunities, and health, so we created LOST & FOUND, because we realize that escape games closely mirrors life. You may encounter many problems. You need to be with your friends and family to solve and overcome problems.

We will regularly cooperate with different government organizations, schools and NGOs to provide services to people in need, such as families living below the poverty line, autistic children, single-parent families, etc. The goal is to care for them through our sponsored games and venues, and bring them a positive attitude.


在我們精心設計的逃脫遊戲中,LOST致力於幫助有需要的人,尤其是兒童及青少年,讓他們在體驗LOST過程當中找到正確的方向。 當中的一些人可能埋怨先天欠缺才華、機會、健康, 因此我們創建了LOST&FOUND,因為我們意識到逃脫解謎遊戲就像生活的一面鏡子,您可能會遇到很多問題,您需要與您的朋友和家人一起解決這個問題、克服它,然後找到出路!


LOST x Po Leung Kuk

One of LOST’s charitable activities is to cooperate with Po Leung Kuk, the goal is to recruit those graduates to enter the job market, especially non-university students who want to join the insurance industry. Through our tailor-made escape room game, we will show you the four important roles in the insurance industry. We not only helped the insurance industry find suitable candidates, but also achieved the goal of Po Leung Kuk, opening up a way to guide graduates one their career paths.

LOST x 保良局

其中一個慈善活動是與保良局合作,目標是招募那些畢業生進入就業市場,尤其是保險行業的非大學年級學生。 通過我們度身定造的密室逃脫遊戲,向大家展示有關保險運作方式以及其中有四個重要的角色。 我們不僅幫助保險業找到合適的人選,而且實現了保良局的目標,打開指引畢業生事業的出路。

LOST x St. James' Settlement

LOST Junior, an authentic experience of learning while playing. Our belief is that “happiness” belongs to everyone, regardless of skin color, family background, or wealth. Therefore, we cooperated with St. James’ Settlement and sponsored our venue for ethnic minorities, so that they can have a great time!

LOST x 聖雅各福群會

LOST Junior,一個正宗玩中有學的體驗,我們的信念是「開心」應屬於每個人,不論膚色、家庭背景、財富。因此我們與聖雅各福群會合作,並贊助我們的場地給那些少數族裔兒童,讓他們玩得很開心!

LOST x Love Express

Love Express is our long-term partner who focuses on children with autism and looks for other resources to help them in their lives. LOST sponsored them by playing our game, and added a post-match review at the end to convey a positive message, “The way to look at others is to use actions instead of eyes, and the way to treat others is to be heart-warming. More than action.”

All charities are welcome to contact us to discuss how to bring joy to those in need!

LOST x 愛傳遞

慈善團體Love Express之一是我們的長期合作夥伴,他們專注於自閉症兒童並尋找其他資源來幫助他們的生活。 此時,LOST通過玩我們的遊戲為他們提供贊助,並在末尾添加了一個賽後檢討,以傳達積極的信息,「看待別人的方式是用行動而不是眼睛,對待別人的方式是要心動而不止行動。」