LOST has officially announced to develop our Metaverse with play-to-earn and create-to-earn models by riding on Web 3.0 and blockchain technology.  The entire ecosystem is to create an OMO (online merged offline) gaming experience to our games, play-to-earn model will be rewarding to our games by trading our NFTs in order to access our escape game room in Metaverse; create-to-earn model will be allowing everyone to design and build their own escape game in our virtual world, shortlisted themes may also be physicalised in our branches to enjoy the OMO earning system.  Together with our existing footprint and future stores, this revolutionary models will disrupt the market and creating new income stream by the OMO concept with our limited NFT assets, the ultimate GameFi and SocialFi world is born.

LOST 已正式宣布通過使用 Web 3.0 和區塊鏈技術開發我們的元宇宙,其中包含play-to-earn create-to-earn 模式。整個生態系統是將虛實結合,把我們密室逃脫遊戲創造一個獨一無二的OMOonline merged offline)遊戲體驗,play-to-earn模式將透過交易我們限量的NFT來賺取回報,以便進入我們在Metaverse中的解謎逃脫遊戲; create-to-earn 模式則允許玩家在我們的虛擬世界中設計和創建自己的密室逃脫遊戲,被挑選的主題更可能在我們的實體店出現並享受 OMO 收入制度。結合我們現有的分店網絡和未來的分店,這種革命性的模式將透過 OMO 概念加上用我們限量的 NFT 數碼資產顛覆市場並創造新的收入來源,終極的 GameFi SocialFi 世界終於誕生了。

Escape in Metaverse

LOST has done the world’s first escape game in Decentraland and also officially announced its entry into the Metaverse.  Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Hong Kong, LOST (www.losthk.com) currently has 14 branches around the world, together with its sub-brand LOST Junior, offering players an unique game experience throughout different story themes and self-developed auto-gadgets.  From children to adults, individual to corporate, shopping malls to schools, indoor to outdoor, and now offline to online to create an OMO (online merge offline) Metaverse gaming experience.

LOST 已打造了全球首個元宇宙密室逃脫遊戲,座落於 Decentraland 並且正式宣布進軍元宇宙。成立於2013年總部設於香港的真人實境密室逃脫 LOST (www.losthk.com) 目前全球擁有14間分店,連同旗下品牌 LOST Junior,透過不同的故事主題及自行研發的電子機關讓參與者有獨一無二的密室逃脫體驗,從小朋友到成年人、個人客戶至企業客戶、商場至學校、室內到室外,現在線下到線上創建 OMO (online merge offline) 元宇宙遊戲體驗。

The Gamification

LOST, we gamify anything! The entire business model is a combination of virtual and reality, via our ESCAPE game, connecting the physical store and the virtual store, which enhance the user experience on ENTERTAINMENT.  For instance, players can continue to challenge the rest of the escape game after they did the online / offline one.  Every time when they cracked the riddles or unlock the chests may receive a limited NFT, this will be an integration for online / offline customers to have a greater user experience.  Besides, any kind of brands / products can also be promoted through this experiential EVENT, such as sports brands, can issue NFT of limited edition sneakers and store them in the treasure box, allowing challengers to win it by unlocking, as a result to to increase the sales and strengthen brand effect.  Furthermore, together with our sub-brand LOST Junior, we will create an experiential EDUCATION, let the child learn while playing, like story-telling, science explanation, strengthen social skill through our escape game, a comprehensive play-based learning experience.

LOST,可以將任何東西遊戲化!  整個商業模式是將虛實結合,透過LOST 密室逃脫 (Escape)將實體店與虛擬店結合,強化了體驗式娛樂 (Entertainment),例如客戶在實體店/虛擬店成功逃脫解鎖了一個主題密室,繼續可以到另一邊挑戰解鎖有關這個主題密室之延續,無論線上或線下也可以讓成功挑戰者獲得限量NFT ,刺激客戶消費將線上線下人流整合;此外品牌也可以透過這些體驗式活動 (Event) 推廣產品,例如運動品牌可以將限量版的球鞋發行NFT 並收藏在寶箱之內,讓挑戰者爭奪,提升銷售加強品牌效應;另外配合旗下品牌 LOST Junior,打造體驗式教育 (Education),讓小朋友可以玩中有學,透過密室逃脫遊戲說故事、解釋科學、提升智慧、加強社交能力,一個全面的玩學體驗。

NFT in escape game

LOST will have different themed rooms in Metaverse, and various virtual props / tools / gadgets will be used to unlock each mission level.  To enter our different themed rooms, you need to have a specific NFT, these NFTs are issued in a limited quantity, gamers are allowed to trade the NFTs in secondary market, pricing will be decided by seller and buyer, so does the play-to-earn model.  In addition, in our create-to-earn model, gamers are encouraged to design and build their own escape game with different themes, riddles, puzzles and locks.  The idea is to unlock gamers’ creativity and we will issue the limited NFTs for the gamers to enjoy our create-to-earn ecosystem.  Furthermore, we do help different brands to gamify their needs into a gaming experience with NFT granting to the customers, together with our OMO business model, an ultimate experience is born.

LOST 在元宇宙中會有不同的主題房間,不同的虛擬道具/工具/武器用來解鎖每個任務關卡。要進入我們不同主題的房間,你需要有特定的NFT,這些 NFT 是限量發行的,遊戲玩家可以在第二市場交易 NFT,定價由買賣雙方決定,稱為 play-to-earn 模式。此外,在我們的 create-to-earn ​​式中,我們鼓勵遊戲玩家設計和創建自己不同主題的密室逃脫遊戲。我們的想法是誘發遊戲玩家的創造力,與此同時我們會發行限量的 NFT,讓遊戲玩家享受我們創造賺錢的生態系統。此外,我們亦可以幫助不同的品牌將他們的產品「遊戲化」於元宇宙內,把個別特定的 NFT 授予客戶,再加上我們的 OMO 商業模式,終極遊戲體驗誕生了。

Future of LOST Island
未來的 LOST Island

The whole concept of LOST is to build a virtual world namely LOST Island in Metaverse, with the advanced technology of blockchain, we aiming at a seamless OMO gaming experience in Web 3.0.  Together with our sub-brand LOST Junior, an edutainment and edtech experience giving learners a powerful platform.  For business clients, our strength is to gamifying anything such as product, services, message into different gaming experience, giving the gamers an unforgettable journey.  As we mentioned previously, Escape, Entertainment, Event, Education could be gamified via LOST capability, an ultimate Web 3.0 OMO experience is now here.  Ready to get LOST?!

LOST的整體理念是在元宇宙創建一個遊戲虛擬世界,名為LOST Island,運用區塊鏈的先進技術,我們旨在實現Web 3.0中無縫的OMO遊戲體驗。加上我們的副品牌 LOST Junior ,玩中有學的體驗為學習者提供了一個強大而有趣的平台。對於商業客戶,我們的優勢在於將產品、服務、信息等任何事物遊戲化為不同的遊戲體驗,為遊戲玩家帶來難忘的旅程。正如我們之前提到的,EscapeEntertainmentEventEducation 可以透過 LOST 的技術將之遊戲化,終極 Web 3.0 OMO 體驗正式誕生。Ready to get LOST?!

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