Top 5 Reasons to do Task-based Team Building Events

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Benefits of Task-Based Team Building

A common question asked in companies is “Should we host a team building?”, but the better question is actually, “What kind of team building should my company do?”. As companies grow and expand, their staff will also increase and coworkers begin to form cliques and groups. A great way to mix and match these cliques and have them do some task-based team building activities. It doesn’t matter if it’s indoor or outdoor as long as there are tasks involved.

In addition to icebreaking, there are many other perks that come with doing team-building activities. Not only can you better understand your coworkers on a social level, but you can also learn a bit about their thought process and how they approach problem-solving.

1. Improve communication

Communication is an essential element in any corporate setting. Depending on the size of the company, some coworkers may work with each other, but never actually talk and get to know each other. Even simple tasks will seem difficult if there’s not enough communication. Through task-based team building, these coworkers can now talk to and learn more about each other. Giving them a common goal to achieve outside a work environment can also lighten up the situation and reduce stress. Additionally, there’s usually a hierarchy at work and by placing the team in a non-work situation, conversations and discussions can be more relaxed and two-way communication can be easily achieved.

2. Division of Labour

Another benefit of task-based team building activities is that team members do the division of labour to approach tasks. For example, if there’s a team member that excels in a certain area they can focus on that task while the other members can assist in more minor tasks to complete the overall goal. Some great activities that can take advantage of division of labour because usually during the game, players will have to look for clues /instruction while some other players will have to solve the riddles / problems. It will utilise the strengths of each player due to the fact that the challenges will range from a wide variety of tasks.

3. No hierarchy

What staff worries about most when team building is doing activities is how management will view them after the activity. What’s important for them to know is that during a team-building event, you shouldn’t bring the work hierarchy in because the main purpose is for staff to relax and to have fun outside the work environment. That’s why doing a task-based team building can help remove hierarchy by assigning roles of equal importance which. Of course, it really depends on the team members, but most teams will distribute the work equally during these activities because at the end of the day, you the most important thing is to learn more about each other.

4. Managing Resources

Usually, in a task-based team building event, all participants will be certain tools or resources to complete the task. It’s not unusual that teams fail due to inadequate resource management. Which makes this a great opportunity for helping them learn how to allocate and manage resources with little to no pressure as it is not a work environment. Let’s say some games set a time-limit and the players are given resources like clues, life-lines, time and various other items inside their theme. The players must allocate all these resources and distribute them to the players in order for them to maximise their efficiency and minimise the time used while inside. Through games like this, the players will learn to think out of the box and perhaps innovate some new techniques at the workplace.

5. Boosting Engagement and Interactions

Last but not least, having a task-based team building event can boost the engagement of the participants.
This means during the time the players are doing the task, they are focused on the task at hand and not worrying about outside influences. Usually, no cellphones or outside tools are used during the team building so there’s no need to worry about some teammates fiddling on their phones instead of helping out with the task. Doing physical activities for team building might be a good way of exercise. At the end of the event, did they really complete something as a team? It’s important that the players learn or complete something during the team building while having interactions with each other. This is the most effective way to achieve a common goal.


In conclusion, it’s essential to know what type of team building your company wants to do and what goals you want the participants to achieve after the team building. Task-based team buildings are becoming a trend that helps coworkers learn about each other and to boost their engagement with each other and allows for them to unplug themselves for the modern world for a brief time. To top it off it is important everyone enjoys themselves and that they will be talking about the event for months to come!

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