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The Apollo Project

Apollo 13 was the seventh crewed mission in the Apollo space program and planned to be the third to land on the Moon. The craft was launched from Kennedy Space Center on...

Tangata Manu

On Easter in 1722, the explorer Jacob Roggeveen discovered an island in the South Pacific. Roggeveen wrote down the location and named it “Easter Island”. Until the 20th century, explorers once again...

Charles Babbage

19世紀中,在工業革命的時代背景影響之下,查爾斯巴貝奇構思出由蒸汽機所驅動的計算機器——差分機,英國政府也投入了大量的經費支援。然而耗時十年,製作過程不斷修改並嚴重超支、進度停滯不前,最終僅拿出1/7的成品來展示,未能完成差分機的巴貝奇抱憾離世,而政府也終止了這項研究… 你們身為對這項發明深感興趣的研究小組,希望有機會能將差分機製作完成,於是偷偷來到巴貝奇先前的研究室搜索。研究室每隔60分鐘將會有人員巡邏,請在下一次人員巡邏前,將還未完成的差分機相關資料帶出,幫助巴貝奇完成遺願 In mid 19th century of the Industrial Revolution, Charles Babbage invented the blueprint of a calculator that could be powered by a steam engine aka Difference Engine. The British government...


The St. Ermin Hotel is a late Victorian building that was converted into a hotel in 1896-99. During the First World War, it became a meeting place and headquarters for British Secret...